Jai Dee Yoga

Sheree offers a variety of classes with a Hatha and Vinyasa style. An opportunity to take time for yourself that can sometimes be rare. Focus the mind and leave any thoughts or distractions aside whilst you join us on the mat.

“Words cannot convey the value of yoga – it has to be experienced.” ~BKS Iyengar

Yoga can help you build muscle strength by encouraging you to be able to hold your own body weight, this will help create muscle strength and tone your muscles. Your breath and movement work hand in hand and from long holds in poses the heat will build up raising the heart rate and you may even sweat, this will also increase your stamina. Yoga will help balance the body through strength and flexibility.

Always remember during a yoga practice to never judge or compare yourself to others, everyone is at a different stage of their journey. We are all different and sometimes our practice can be different from day to day. Leave your egos off of the mat and remember to accept where you are today with judgment. Enjoy your yoga practice and if you fall from a pose, smile and jump straight back in.

“There is no competition or judgement in yoga.”

Time Table

Thursday PM19.30pm to 20:30Jai Dee YogaSports Pavilion, West End
Friday AM10.45am to 11:45Jai Dee YogaLocker 27, Weybridge
Saturday AM08.00am to 08:45Jai Dee YogaLocker 27, Weybridge

Contact Sheree to book your matt.

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Where to find us

The Sports Pavillion

Benner Lane, West End, Woking, GU24 9JP.

Locker 27

Hamm Moor Ln, Addlestone KT15 2SD FF