jai-dee-muay-thai-classes at Locker 27 in Surrey

Full Muay Thai & Yoga Timetable

Tuesday PM 19.15pm to 20.45pm Mixed Muay Thai Fitness Locker 27
Thursday AM 6.30 to 8.00 Early Bird Muay Thai Locker 27
Thursday PM 19.30pm to 20:30 Jai Dee Yoga Sports Pavilion
Friday AM  9.30 to 10:00 Ladies only Muay Thai Friday Locker 27
Saturday AM 9.15 to 10.45 Mixed Muay Thai Fitness Locker 27

Personal Training sessions

PT sessions are held at Locker 27 in Addlestone, Surrey which is fully equipped with a designated martial arts area, resistance and hybrid training areas. Alternatively training can be park or home based depending on an individuals specific needs. Please get in touch to arrange.

Muay Thai & Boxing Spar nights

If you’re interested in sparring, once a month together with BoxFit at Locker 27 we run a sparring class, usually on a Wednesday night. Contact me for more details.