Hayley Connolly“In my sport I need maximum fitness to be able to get me through 5 rounds of kicking and punching. Sheree taught me some excellent skills within muay thai, my sessions were very intense which is good for my fitness. She also gave me good advice with regards to carrying out drills on the bag to help increase my fitness levels as well as working on good technique. It is also vital in my sport that I give my body good nutrition whilst weight cutting and Sheree was also able to give me some helpful advice. After my sessions I not only felt more confident but also re-energised and refreshed with her bubbly and friendly attitude. I will definately be looking to work with Sheree in the future as she has a lot of excellent attributes as well good knowledge with regards to my sport.”

Hayley Collolly, Professional Fighter

Ruth Ashdown“I am a trainer and fighter in Thai Boxing. I met Sheree many years ago when I used to watch her fight, she was an inspiration to me when I first started, someone I looked up too. We have both been busy fighting around the world since then. Then she moved back to Woking, and we met up again. I had a big fight coming up and my trainer asked her to come and train with me. It has been an honor to have her hold pads for me. She has helped me with my sparring and clinch work, as well as helping me with my confidence and self belief. I then had the opportunity to fight for a world title in Australia. My trainer was away so he asked Sheree to take me. I won the fight, I couldn’t have done it without her. Sheree is a fantastic person, an incredible fighter and an inspiration to any woman. Thai training is the best thing you can do for all over fitness and toning, as well as teaching you self defense and building your confidence. There is no better lady to learn from, she has the experience, the knowledge and the heart to give you everything you can want from fitness.”

Ruth Ashdown

Lucy Trustam

“I’ve been training with Sheree now for over 2 years, first attending her Ladies only class and now also the Tuesday Mixed Muay Thai class which I really enjoy. I’m a designer, so spend all my working day sitting at a computer. Muay Thai gives me the cardio and endurance workout that I need and is a great stress buster! In class Sheree covers everything from the basics in footwork and kicks, punches, knees and elbows to clinchwork, sparring and lots of stamina – not for the faint hearted! Her classes are always varied and great fun. Sheree’s obvious enthusiasm for her sport and hugely successful career in the ring is a real inspiration, whilst her sense of humour and friendly personality make her a real pleasure to train with.”

Lucy Trustam, Graphic Designer