March 19, 2017

A blog that inspires & bores others!

A blog that bores some and inspires others

I started writing this blog in January with the idea to inspire others not just women but men too, it was a way for men to really understand how their partner may be feeling, for people to understand that pregnancy is not an illness but a reason to live, a reason to continue to live your life and continue doing what you love, coming from a life of competitive sport this was something I didn’t want to stop. Since writing this blog I’ve had some really good feedback from friends, family, other pregnant mamas and most importantly my partner.

On the other hand, I have caused controversy, made people feel uncomfortable with what I chose to do with my body so much so they like to voice their opinions which is fine as everyone is entitled to one and I don’t take it to heart.  I have bored many (mostly men) who like to make the odd comment here and there but do you know what I don’t care as I know that for some of the ladies that have read this, looked at photos, are mamas or  mamas to be some have been inspired and to know that perhaps there is another lady out there not liking her body, feeling uncomfortable with bodily changes during pregnancy just makes you feel more normal and not guilty for feeling the way you do. So here’s to the next blog!

The last trimester leaving month 7 coming into month 8

That sounds a bit scary, this means there is not much longer left such a surreal thought! Since my last blog I have certainly grown and I LOVE MY BUMP I wasn’t sure I would ever feel that way, seeing and feeling more movement really helps you to connect more. Everyone is different so remember that, I only started feeling proper movement around week 29 before that it was just like air bubbles popping. I’m now 33 weeks and seeing the movement is something else, you have to be quick if you want to see the movement as it’s like the baby senses it and stops.

30 – 33 weeks my little baby is developing brain connections and learning how to process information, another task the brain is now able to take on is regulating body temperature which means the baby will now start to shed its soft body hair (lanugo) as it had been keeping him  / her warm up to this point. By week 33 the baby is also gaining weight and could possibly double in weight by D-Day! The amniotic fluid is maxed out now and there is no room for anymore which is another reason why I am feeling every little bit of movement.

What I am feeling physically

I’m starting to feel heavier and slower in everything I do even running up the stairs, I have to take a moment as it feels as if my legs have drained and they slowly need to refill before I can do anything. New things keep springing up to join the heartburn like mild swelling of the ankles but only one I sleep with my legs elevated and the following morning the swelling has gone down,  my navel has changed it’s not protruding but looks different, achiness in my lower abdomen, dizziness at times, tiredness and restless legs, restless legs are horrible.

What I am feeling emotionally

Increasing excitement about the baby arriving, increasing apprehension about the baby arriving – am I going to be any good at being a mum. The fear of being lonely when the baby comes and my partner goes back to work. The worry of work and money. I came home this week and had a melt down at the worry of losing my business, having built it up the last three years.  It is so hard being self-employed and teaching a specialized sport such as Muay Thai, finding cover is proving difficult and I worry by having a period of time with class closures that it will all end. However, I am a firm believer of  “whatever broken will grow back, whatever lost will be replaced.”

Feeling more at ease

The last two weeks I’ve dragged my partner along to the hospital not kicking and screaming luckily but unfortunately for him two of the evenings we had a course on were the same evenings as Man United were playing, what a terrible girlfriend I am! If I could advise any other mamas to be out there if your partner like mine didn’t really fancy NCT then sign up to the free courses the NHS offer. We went along to the hospital tour, active birthing, NCT water birthing (we did pay for but it was only about £34) and I went along to a breastfeeding workshop (ladies only).

All of the workshops were very relaxed and full of useful information and what was great was that no question was silly. I guess if I was thinking it then I’m sure someone else in the room was, and if you’re a first-time mum like me it will certainly put your mind at ease at little, even if you’re not a first-time mum every pregnancy is different and I’m sure everyone would go away having learnt at least one thing. What I liked about the hospital tour was that you got to see where you would have your baby and straight a way I felt a little more relaxed. The same goes with the other workshops I learnt things I didn’t know and came away feeling a little more relaxed.

Midwife appointment at 32 weeks and a 4d scan

All blood tests came back with results well above normal. I had been seeing the midwife every three weeks but after this appoinment it will drop to every two weeks. My midwife is lovely and I really do feel I can ask her anything. At 32 weeks we seem to be back on the average line of the antenatal growth chart, phew! The chart says our baby is 31 cm in length, just over a ruler in length. I’m wondering what week 34 will bring.

We decided or well I did to book a private 4D scan although I wish we had done it sooner. I just wanted to see the baby one more time before we meet for real. The baby wasn’t playing ball though and kept doing everything he / she could to avoid having a decent picture, the umbilicaol cord was very near to the face to so was difficult to get anything clear. If you get chance go and have one just do it before you’re 33 weeks as the baby will be smaller and you will see more.

Training and keeping active

Muay Thai I am still training and continuing to adapt when needed. I usually do Muay Thai once a week whether its hitting pads or the bag. The last few weeks I’ve felt fully capable of punching, kicking, kneeing and elbowing, everything is slower paced and way less power.

Strength and conditioning I usually do 2 strength sessions a week but I have cut the conditioning bit out at the end, I also have a longer rest between exercises to prevent

Yoga I’m still practicing yoga and adapting when I need to, teaching is getting harder but I can still demonstrate. I have been suffering with achiness in my lower adomen which is making lunging a bit uncomfortable so practicing mindfully.

Aerial is really starting to slow down now, I don’t want to fully stop as I don’t want to lose the strength I have developed. Working with Michaela I make sure I am totally honest with how I am feeling and if it doesn’t feel right we stop straight away. In an aerial session 2 weeks ago I was hanging from the hoop warming up my shoulders when I looked down and totally freaked myself out as my tummy had gone a funny cone shape. It didn’t hurt at all but it made me feel uncomfortable so we changed what we were doing. I asked the advice of a friend Vanessa Dyer who specializes in pre and postnatal exercise and her advice was to stop certain movements where there would be too much stress on the abdomen due to risk of abdominal separation.

With this in mind……

If something doesn’t feel right or look right I will stop, abdominal separation is one thing I really want to avoid making worse!

So there you have it another blog to inspire or bore you, your choice! 😉

Stay tuned

Please feel free to write any comments below, I’d love to hear what you have to say, your thoughts and opinions.

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